Besides New York City, Las Vegas (Spanish for “The Meadows”) is the city of choice to visit in the United States, according to random conversations with people from Europe. We decided to visit this city with a couple of friends and stayed at the MGM Grand for the weekend. A visit would not be complete without checking some things off of my “Things To Experience Before I Die” list, and Las Vegas just happened to complete quite a few of them!

Life Experience: Check out Street Impersonators

Johnny Depp is my favorite actor, and I was delighted to see two of him on the Vegas strip! One as Willy Wonka and another one as the Mad Hatter. Willy Wonka even fancied my sunglasses, “Oooh! You have the same sunglasses as me! You can come stand here.” My friend, consequently named Alice, stood next to the Mad Hatter as we took our fabulous picture!

Life Experience: Travel Through Vegas in Style

I remember watching movies or commercials where girls look out of their limo’s sunroof and belt out, “Wooooo!” as a verification of their drunken fun in a city where it’s appropriate. I felt a sting of envy every time. I had only been on a limousine for high school prom, not in Las Vegas and missing a sunroof. Envy no more as we got  a hummer limo with a sunroof for us to belt out our, “Woooo!” It was an amazing feeling with the breeze running through my hair and seeing the city’s lights! I couldn’t get enough! Sharing one may be cheaper than you think when the cost is split between friends. Look up discounts before you rule this one out of your Vegas trip. Another thing that makes life just a little better!

Life Experience: Enjoy a Bottomless Drink

I’m not much of a drinker, but when I saw those 5ft drinks people carried around in Vegas on my past trips, I knew I had to experience having one! My sugar daddy of a boyfriend bought me one when we were laying around at the MGM pool. Although mine was not 5ft tall, I still couldn’t finish it. Fail! Maybe I should’ve had it at night time as desert heat + alcohol = headache. It was a delicious drink that I would have finished otherwise!

Life Experience: Be amazed at Cirque du Soleil

Who doesn’t want to see a Cirque du Soleil show? What better place but in Vegas? There are a couple of Cirque du Soleil shows available in Vegas, and we chose to see Mystère. There was a snack bar available for those who crave popcorn and alcohol along with watching the show. The show is filled with comedy, live music, and of course acrobatics. It was about an hour and a half of crazy costumes and tricks! There was so much to look at! Definitely worth the price if you want to be entertained. Buy tickets for Cirque du Soleil online or buy it at the Half Price Tickets booth by the Hawaiian area in the middle of the Las Vegas strip. Ask for military or student discount for savings! =)

This was the first time I have ever traveled to Las Vegas with a large group of friends. Without them, these life experiences wouldn’t be the same! Out of state with a company of good friends is always a plus!

Shout outs to my study abroad friends! We will still go to Vegas for a reunion!

Date of Adventure: May 14-15, 2010

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Hotel: MGM Grand

Suggested Restaurants:

Todai Sushi Buffet

Carnival World Buffet

3 thoughts on “Go All Out in Vegas – Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

  1. Hi Alexis and Ray, I enjoy reading your posts and especially look forward to the photos you posts. Because of your travel posts you guys are igniting my desire to travel again, and have given me quite a few ideas. Safe travels to you two. I can’t wait to hear or see your latest adventure(s).

    Kuya C

  2. I didnt know you guys went to Vegas recently! I’m going this weekend and I’m sure I’ll have a similar post as well in the upcoming week:) Anywho, also wanted to get together and we can have a blogging sesh. We can talk about ads, seo, content, etc. I think it would be fun to talk with a fellow blogger! Let me know.


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