I was never much of beer connoisseur, but I do love festivals! Oktoberfest had to be the one that pushes us to fly out to Munich. This 3 week event starts in September and finishes in October. Contrary to popular United States belief, this event is for families. We entered this free-entrance event and saw ferris wheels, roller coasters, fun houses, bumper cars among beer tents and food vendors. We enjoyed the Bavarian costumes that practically every mother, father, and child wore. The guys looked amazingly manly, and the girls looked amazingly ladylike!

Anyone who has a chance to go to Germany has to try their sausages! Any of them! They’re worth every penny. As a corn lover, I also tried their corn on a cob with garlic and butter and was in corn heaven. We finished with (or actually started with) a glass of beer, and paid our dues to get on the carnival rides. The German knows how to make their beer like they make their cars…smooth and delicious.

Munich is an exceptionally clean city; even their porta potties looked like real bathrooms! I don’t know why I’ve never seen trailers turned into a bathroom here in the United States, but I was pleasantly surprised to see these at Oktoberfest!

Sausages, beer, carnival rides, and clean bathrooms. Can you ask for more?

 Any tips or questions about planning Oktoberfest?

Tip: If you must get a table inside the beer tents, go to the event early or reserve a table before the event. They fill up quickly, and people  normally don’t leave their table.

Festival Date: September 24, 2009

Location: Munich, Germany

Festival: Oktoberfest

Hotel: the hostel we stayed at was too far away!

Suggested Restaurant: (besides the sausage vendors) Corn on a Cob Vendor

Perfect for: Carnival lovers

Access to Oktoberfest: Bus2Alps

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