Ride a Scooter in Europe – Barcelona, Spain

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Every time I thought about transportation in Europe, I always imagined scooters. Since I studied abroad in Barcelona, we decided to have our scooter adventure there. The only trouble we ran into was our sense of direction on a scooter. We didn’t realize how difficult it was going to be to find our way around all the one way streets! To this day, we still look back and think, “Remember that time we got lost in Barcelona on a scooter without a driver’s license?”

Date of Adventure: November 9, 2009

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Life Experience: Ride a scooter in Europe!

Where to rent: Cooltra

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  • […] hour to drive to my job, it took my boyfriend and me five minutes to travel through all of central Barcelona on a scooter. In Arizona, I have to drive my car to the grocery store a block away from my condo. In Barcelona, […]

  • Quite the thrill! I was a little hesitant at first but no regrets. You could cover all of Barcelona in a day with a scooter. :)

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