This weekend I took an impromptu trip with my roommate to VEGAS! Living on a summer (and student) budget, I had $50 and made it last the whole weekend: Here’s how…

1. Don’t count gas
This $50 budget doesn’t include gas, but living in Phoenix, AZ it only took about a tank and a handful to get there…not to mention we left PHX with about a half of tank already, so let’s just estimate a total of $60 for gas.

2. Shop for sales
I picked up a cute outfit at Forever 21 for a total of $20 (which was the bulk of my budget). It wasn’t a fancy $200 dress, but it got me through the night, not to mention my feet were way cute and comfy in a pair of $10 sandals I picked up at Walmart! If you’re gonna do Vegas in 24 hours…you have NO TIME for blistered feet in heels!

3. Head there ready to party
Vegas has some GREAT buffets but don’t get too caught up in them if you only have 25 hours do Vegas. Bring something to nibble on the way there. Since you’re going there to tear up the town, find a family bathroom in a hotel and pile your friends in to get ready. Don’t spend money on a hotel! (You won’t be sleeping anyway)
(In-n-out veg burger: $1.30)

4. Pack the booze
My roommate and I were happy to discover we have a whole bottle of free Sangria accompanying us on this trip! Remember it’s not illegal to drink while walking around on the strip, so remember to take a couple bottles of your favorite booze and get to walking!
(Sangria: $0)

5. REMEMBER YOUR ID (wear comfy shoes) and be open to making new friends
Being the avid dreamer that I am, once to our first club stop, I realized I forgot my ID…Luckily the mile walk from Planet Hollywood to the Mirage wasn’t so bad, but thinking about having to walk back just to get my ID was not as appealing. Luckily a good friend lent us $40 to take a cab back to get it. As we were waiting in a cab line, a promoter asked us if we wanted to split a limo ride with another customer and cut the costs of traveling. LIMO RIDE?? I’M IN!
This is pretty common and is usually cheaper than cabs. It was a total cost of $65 but during the ride, we learned the two other guys we were riding with were actually from Chandler, AZ and were nice enough to pay for the bulk of the ride.
Also, play the role of ‘local’ and tell them to take side streets knowing the strip will be crazy with traffic.
(Limo ride:$25 from a friend- actual cost $0)

6. Have a hookup
Luckily we had a hookup to one of the hottest clubs in Vegas right now! Club XS at the Wynn. Rumor has it that cover for men during the busy Memorial Day weekend ran up to $300…no thank you!
The hard part about being in such a fancy club is that if you’re dancing with an average Joe Shmoe who just dropped 3hundo to get in, chances are they’re not gonna want to buy some random girls a drink. (Which is why you brought your own!)
Club XS: $0

7. Gamble- but know you’re limit
My first time playing slots, I slipped in $20 and just rolled with it. It was already 5am and I was still well under budget. I played till i was down to $8 and hit the jackpot! Won all my $20 back plus $5! SCORE. Hopefully you’ll be as lucky.
(Gambling: + $5)

With a little extra money, I still had time to spend some on myself for a souvenir at the M&M factory!
(M&M souvenir: $9.50)

There you have it! Vegas in UNDER $50 and 24 hours.
Just keep in mind in order to do this, you have to be pretty lucky, have hookups and be willing to sacrifice some comfort (we slept in the car once the partying was done) but it was well worth it!

Until then,
Happy Traveling! :)

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