Paddle Ball Beach Fun – Sant Pol de Mar, Barcelona, Spain

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It’s 110degrees Farenheit, and the beach is calling! The last time I was at a beach was in Barcelona, but it wasn’t at Playa de Barceloneta. That beach is filled with tourists and street vendors. If you wanna get out and play with the beach all to yourself, ride the train an hour from the city and you’ll reach one of Barcelona’s many beaches. We stopped at Sant Pol de Mar and had the whole beach to ourselves. We had cheap summer fun with paddle balls and sunflower seeds! We took up as much space in the sand as we wanted and didn’t get disrupted by vendors while playing. Afterwards, we walked around the little town and looked for food. It was harder than we thought as the town was deserted with every restaurant closed for siesta. We waited awhile and eventually found a bakery and a pizza joint. We filled ourselves up with delicious treats and headed back before the train closed for the night. I’ve been missing the beach since then!

A beach trip is coming soon in San Diego! Stay Tuned!

What’s your favorite beach pastime? Surfing, volleyball, or tanning?

Date of Adventure: October 2009 (it was abnormally warm in Barcelona in 2009)

Life Experience: Private Beach Fun!

Location: Sant Pol de Mar, Barcelona

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