Beach Workout: Biking Around Coronado Island – San Diego, California

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Best time to spend one hour on Coronado Island? Rent bikes! Bikes and Beyond at the Ferry Landing offers plenty of bikes to ride around in and enjoy the view. They are located right next to the beach with a view of the Coronado Island skyline. Unfortunately, enjoying this view was short-lived as Ben decided he would start a race between the bikes. We burned all the Filipino food off that we just ate at Goldilocks in National City by racing around Coronado Island. We passed by a wedding and breezed through a birthday at a nice park next to the beach. Thirty minutes later, and we were done. Time to return the bikes and search for some water.

As you can tell from our faces, the race got pretty intense!

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Date of Adventure: June 27, 2010

Location: Coronado Island, San Diego, California

Life Experience: Tandem Bikes

Where to Rent: Bikes and Beyond at the Ferry Landing

Place of Interest: Haunted Hotel Del Coronado

Suggested Restaurant: Goldilocks

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  • Coronado Island is a Lovely place, when the weather is cool take a walk or hire a bike to ride around, well worth it and relaxing.

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