Think seeing the major attractions in Europe is gonna take a couple of weeks? Think Again! Ok, maybe not…but seeing them in Mini Europe in Belgium isn’t such a bad idea. The miniature rendition of each attraction is all interesting to see! If you don’t have time to travel to all of the cities you’d like, you’ll feel like you have by the end of this trip. It is right next to the famous Atomium in Belgium, so if you stop by this attraction, just walk behind it and you’ll see the entrance to Mini Europe. You will see such attractions as the Eiffel Tower, the leaning Tower of Pisa, and many more! My mom and I had a blast, and my dad could not stop taking pictures. Take a look at them below!

If you ever want to feel like a giant, visit Mini Europe and enjoy!

Which one of these attractions would you have to visit after seeing a tiny version in Mini Europe?

Date of Adventure: October 30, 2009

Location: Mini Europe – Brussels, Belgium

Life Experience: Europe’s Major Attractions in One Hour

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