Pictures don’t do Antelope Canyon any justice. Every turn is breathtaking. This canyon is a must-see in person! Read up on how we got here! Antelope Canyon Tour.

Photos will never compare to being there in person so it’s always a pain to try and share the moment with someone using only photos from your basic point-and-shoot. But ever wonder why you see photos of a place online and you wonder why your camera isn’t doing as well as you’d hope? Camera Settings is why! You CAN share those moments or at least get them to “Oooooh!” and “Aaaaahhh!” at your photos with the right settings.

For Antelope Canyon, be sure to set these settings to bring out the colors of the walls, this’ll be real close to those “Professional” shots you see online:

  • Go Manual! – Set your ISO to 800
  • Auto-White Balance(AWB)? No way! Set your White Balance to Cloudy
  • Make sure Flash is OFF

That’s it! You’ll feel like a professional and your shots will look professional. If you’re noticing a bit of blur, try to stay steady during the shots, lean on a wall or rest your elbows on your hips – Exhale slowly as you take a picture, I’m told that it’s when the body is most relaxed. I’ve tested it and it DOES reduce a bit of camera shake.

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