Viva España! With my experience studying abroad in Barcelona, I was rooting for Spain for the World Cup 2010. I was excited to see them as world champion! I wish I was in Spain right now to join the festivities! Now that the World Cup is over, I’m going to miss the patriotism as well as world unity seen during the World Cup. YouTube videos last forever!

Here are my favorites:

Spain Squad Homecoming, World Cup 2010, Madrid Festival – I called it! As soon as Spain won, I thought to myself, “Wow, Spain is probably gonna have a fiesta just for the World Cup.”

Shakira – Waka Waka – Shakira’s song is my jam! I love the colors in this video and it’s just so happy! You can’t hate it.

If that’ not enough,watch videos from www.socialtimes.comTop 10 Funny, Exciting, and Weird YouTube Videos From the World Cup“.

Spain GoalThe World Cup is officially over, but don’t let the Post-FIFA Depression get to you just yet—all of your favorite 2010 World Cup moments will live on forever in a little place called YouTube. We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 favorite World Cup moments on YouTube. Check out the videos after the jump. Gooooal!!

Spain Wins World Cup

Of course, the pinnacle of the FIFA 2010 World Cup was Spain’s win last night against the Netherlands. Check out Andres Iniesta’s beautiful goal and the Spanish pileup that ensues in the clip below. Iniesta’s goal, the first and only goal of the game, was scored in overtime.

Many people expected the Netherlands to win the World Cup. However, Paul the Octopus, a German oracle that predicted the outcome of all the FIFA games, had his money on Spain. Watch Paul’s prediction in the clip below.

Landon Donovan’s Winning Goal USA vs. Algeria

As the majority of out readers are in the United States, we’re choosing to give Landon Donovan’s winning goal in the USA vs. Algeria game a top spot in our list. Though the USA didn’t make it much farther in the tournament, Donovan’s last minute goal brought the nation together like nothing has before. Check out the clip of Donovan’s winning goal, as well as reactions from around the United States and the world below.

Uruguay Defeats Ghana in World Cup

The Uruguay vs. Ghana game ended in an exciting penalty shootout, with Uruguay winning and advancing into the final four to compete against Holland.

However, did Uruguay cheat their way into the finals? Uruguay’s Luis Suarez stayed off a goal shot by Ghana’s Asamoah Gyan with his hands, denying Ghana a winning goal. Do you think Suarez cost Ghana a spot as World Cup champions with his handball?

Maradona Denies He’s Gay

When Maradona misinterprets a question asked at a press conference, hilarity ensues. Maradona says, “I like women, I like women, I like women. I am going out with Veronica, she’s 31 years old, she’s blonde, she’s very pretty…Let’s not start because otherwise people will think that…that I have a limp wrist and it’s not like that man.” Maradona is so famous that I think he has begun to look like a caricature of himself (like Bill Clinton after Darrel Hammond’s SNL Impressions), so it’s only fitting that he be a part of our top 10 FIFA moments.

England Goalie Fail

When England’s goalie, Robert Green, blundered a save in the England vs. USA game he must have known immediately that he would never hear the end of it. I mean seriously, was he trying to throw the ball into his own goal? Green’s goalie fail has garnered hundreds of thousands of YouTube views and has even inspired a stop motion Lego clip with over 1.5 million views! Watch both videos below.

Giovanni van Bronckhorst Amazing Goal Against Uruguay

Holland’s Giovanni van Bronckhorst scored one of the most memorable goals of the World Cup in their semi-final match against Uruguay. Van Bronckhorst’s team won the game 3-2, to secure their spot in the finals against Spain. Bronckhorst’s long-range goal was his only goal in the tournament and may be his last goal ever, as he is set to retire. Check it out below.

Nigeria’s Yakubu Makes Worst Goal Attempt Ever

If we are going to mention Van Bronckhorst’s awesome goal, then it’s only fitting to mention the most terrible goal attempt of the tournament as well. In a game against South Korea, Nigerian player Yakubu has a clear shot and he missed…by a long shot. There’s nothing you can do but shake your head while watching this clip, and smile at the humorous selection of background music.

French Team Goes On Strike

Remember when the French team went on strike in protest against striker Nicolas Anelka’s expulsion from the team, following a locker room tirade against French coach Raymond Domenech? That was madness. I think that Zinedine Zidane, former French football star, put it best by saying “We will remember this World Cup for who wins it and the France team for refusing to train.” Could the team’s training boycott have cost them advancement in the World Cup?

Portugal Beats North Korea 7-0

The biggest win in the 2010 World Cup would have to be Portugal’s 7-0 win against North Korea. As the final score implies, Portugal kicked some serious rear in this game, scoring goal after goal while North Korea struggled. Check out highlights in the clip below.

North Korea’s Jong Tae-Se Overcome With Patriotic Emotion

The World Cup is one of the most patriotic events in the world, for countries all over the globe. No one showed their patriotism more than North Korea’s Jong Tae-Se, who burst into tears at the sound of his country’s national anthem in their game against Brazil. Jong Tae-Se’s tears are a great representation of what the World Cup means to soccer players and fans everywhere.

Did you watch the World Cup games this year? What was your favorite 2010 World Cup moment?

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