5 thoughts on “Fossil Springs (and Again!)

  1. Hi Ray,

    Thanks again for the information. We did as you said. Lucky for us we arrived on a Monday and had most areas to ourselves. Unfortunately that meant we didn’t make any big dives by ourselves. Your tips and detailed information was very helpful. We plan on going again to make the hike and see the higher waterfalls. I put a link to pictures of our trip. http://www.scottericlacy.com.
    PS – are you here in the Phoenix area?

    1. Thanks for the website referral from yours! We’re glad you made it out!

      Those are some awesome photos btw, and yes we’re in the Phoenix area.

  2. Hi there Ray,

    I had a good time reading your post and checking out the pictures. My wife and I are considering going to Fossil Creek and I wondered if you could share more about how you arrived there. I’ve read information about hiking 3 miles down to the waters, while also reading you can drive right down to the water. I’m also wondering if we should plan to stay one night…any help would be great. Thanks.

    1. Hey! Thanks for the comment.

      Here’s the directions, from Payson, AZ to Fossil Springs – http://tinyurl.com/2dg6zlq

      There are 3 or 4 areas to Fossil Springs. It looks a little weird because you’ll be driving right into a dirt road. Any car will do, but of course, trucks and SUVs are preferred. It’s just more comfortable, but it’s 20-minutes of dirt road.

      The first stop / parking lot, is that 3-4 mile hike to a large set of waterfalls. We bypassed that and parked in the 2nd parking lot. From there, it’s just a rock throw’s away from jumping into the water. There’s a waterfall in this one too but not as big.

      The 3rd parking lot is right next to a more relaxing set of pools, with slow moving water. The current isn’t as strong in this one.

      P.S. What I mean by “Parking lot” is a dirt lot with tons of cars in it, it gets packed around 11 A.M. :D

      There’ll be an average amount of cars along the way on the dirt, so you won’t find yourself alone out there. Each set of pools will have people as well.

      I’m not sure whether or not you can stay overnight. If you plan on camping, I don’t see why not. Park rangers are available around the area to ask questions about overnight camping. I’m not aware of any signs that say it’s not allowed.

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