Originally, I was going to study abroad in San Sebastian, Spain for the summer. Due to work conflicts, I decided to study abroad for a semester, and San Sebastian was no longer available. Although I was enjoying my semester in Barcelona, San Sebastian was a place I had to visit. After some research I found out that San Sebastian holds some surf competitions in October. I decided to take Ray, who introduced me to surfing, to San Sebastian for a European surfing adventure. I was disappointed when there was no sign of waves when we got there! Fortunately, the place was beautiful, and we decided to do some relaxing sight-seeing instead.

San Sebastian is a small town treasure in the Basque Country of Spain. It is a beautiful, quiet town, and the whole coastline is walkable if you’re up for an exercise. Ray’s favorite spot was the big-city-worthy aquarium near the coastline that features different types of fish and other sea creatures. My favorite spot was the view from the top of the mountain (a gondola can be taken to the top) where the city and its coastline can be seen. Although tapas is a must in San Sebastian, Ray and I tried more adventurous foods like squid cooked in its own ink! This small town also has a fresh produce market and a fresh bakery where you can enjoy your breakfast every morning right outside our hostel. The most popular spot has to be the three different white-sand beaches. In the cold October month, we had the beach to ourselves! We only got in the water for about 30 seconds before hopping out to keep from freezing! The beach was beautiful otherwise, and then we headed to the mountain to watch the sunset.

It was a great experience visiting a small town with barely any tourists. It’s a humble town and one that should be visited if you want a relaxing, romantic vacation. We definitely want to go back to San Sebastian one day.

What’s your favorite romantic vacation spot?

Date of Adventure: October 4, 2009

Location: San Sebastian, Spain

Where to Stay: Pension Balerdi Hostel

Life Experience: Appreciate a small town vacation

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