Ray and I flew to Portland to attend a wedding, and had to see what else the city has to offer. After further research online, googling images of each possible site, we decided that the Japanese Garden is the best photography opportunity. We paid the entrance fee and entered the garden. The Japanese Garden is beautiful, and we stopped every five minutes to take a picture! Upon entrance you will get a map of the garden that shows different locations to check out. My favorite part is the waterfall! There are three koi fish swimming around, and the waterfall just looked gorgeous. There is also a spot where you can view the entire city while enjoying the nice Portland breeze on a bench. Due to a wedding, we were unable to get to this spot and enjoyed the view from afar instead. On the way out, we saw a poster about the Moon Viewing Festival they have. There will be music and tea while viewing the moon at the garden. It sounded interesting, and we wished we could go back for such an event. Furthermore, the site is placed next to the Rose Garden and the Portland Zoo, so if you have more time than we did, this is a convenient spot to visit!

Which Portland attraction would you recommend or want to visit?

Date of Adventure: August 13, 2010

Location: Portland, Oregon

Life Experience: Japanese Garden

Suggested Restaurant: Portland City Grill

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