Telluride Alpine Daze 2011: Meet the Adventurers

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Telluride, CO 2010

Finally, the list of those who decided to get on this adventure!

These are the people who have turned in their deposits for the Colorado trip in January:
Bus #1
Alfred P.
Alexis B.
Alfonso M.
Alice E.
Angelo V.
Benjamin T.
Brandon B.
Brian C.
Brian L.
Chrissy D.
Christopher P.
Clintyn K.
Geoff P.
Jamie F.
Jason P.
Jayna S.
Jenna O.
Jennel R.
Jeremy F.
Jihan L.
Joanna G.
Johannes G.
Jordan M.
Jon M.
Kelly M.
Kim C.
Kim S.
Lee M.
Leo R.
Lynn K.
Michael V.
Nate B.
Nathan E.
Nelson O.
Nicolas V.
Odin M.
Phil C.
Ray V.
Rob H.
Robby R.
Robert T.
Ryan S.
Sarah L.
Tanya C.
Tasia S.
Theresa C.
Tommy O.
Vince B.
Whitney M.
Will P.
Zan B.

Bus #2
Chris M.
Colin C.
Leo N.
Logan F.
Thomas F.

Please let us know if you have turned in your deposit and is missing on this list. The list will be updated if more people turn in deposits or have decided to drop off the Telluride Alpine Daze.

See you guys on the slopes! =)

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