“I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t wanna do this!” – Sarah

Because I follow DJ Ztrip, we decided to attend Monster Massive 2010! Hook-ups from our friend, Q, got us VIP tickets and a limo ride to the event! Baller status! VIPs got cabanas behind the main stage and a handy-dandy monster-bear small enough to fit in your purse or pocket for any moment you need one. Raves are an awesome place to dance, enjoy music, dress up in costumes, and people watch.

How to Survive Your First Rave

Comfort is key – expect to be walking around and dancing all night! Shoes you can dance in is a must! If you decide to wear a costume, make sure you’re still comfortable!

Check the weather – Although it might be cold outside, it will be warm inside. Most raves have indoor and outdoor stages, so dress accordingly. You can always go outside to cool off or go inside to warm up. Remember, you will be dancing all night, so it will get pretty hot.

Cash Money– If you decide to drive yourself, prepare for parking fees. Not all raves have them, but have cash ready just in case. There are also vendors selling clothes or other fun items. Food and drinks can also be found in case you get thirsty after all the dancing. Hide the cash in your socks, your bra, your hidden pocket. Don’t lose your cash!

Read over the line-up – Remember who you expect to see at what stage and at what time. You can have your cellphone remind you if you decide to bring it. Make sure you have a way to tell time, so you can get to the right stage at the right time. You don’t want to miss out on that artist you’ve been waiting to see all night.

Be prepared for surprises! We decided to head over to Ztrip’s stage early and got to see The Glitchmob’s surprise – Travis Barker! He’s the most amazing drummer in my eyes, and I saw him play drums while I was right in the front of the stage! Lucky me!

Travis Barker *drool*

Lastly and most importantly, have fun! Everyone is having a good ol’ time, and so should you! Bring good friends and you’ll be reminiscing about this event for a very long time!

Any other tips? What’s your favorite rave and why? Comment here!

‘Til next adventure!

Date: October 23, 2010

Location: Los Angeles, California

Life Experience: Monster Massive

2 thoughts on “Monster Massive 2010 – Los Angeles, California

  1. How was the VIP Cabanas? Could u see anything that was going on since ur behind the stage? Im thinking of getting a cabana this year, but it sucks because why would I want to be behind the stage and not see all the performances..

    1. Our specific cabana was right behind the main stage. Unfortunately, we had to go around in order to see the actual stage. The music is loud backstage, and they have comfortable couches. We did get free water bottles. I’m hoping they’re gonna move the cabanas elsewhere this year. If not, I wouldn’t suggest the VIP cabanas if you wanna see the performances. =(

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