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Skydiving has been on my bucket list for a long time. Now, I found the perfect place to do it! The Beach!

Website Description:

When you’re ready, the scenic plane ride showcases the area’s beauty and diversity as your anticipation builds.

Securely attached to a professional tandem instructor, you exit the plane for over 60 seconds life-changing freefall. It’s your job to smile, scream, wave, and take in the beach views up to 14,000ft above the beach. If you choose to, your star performance is captured on an action-packed DVD and close-up photos.

You’ll soar serenely with the birds under the parachute for over 5 minutes, taking control of the steering if you’re game, until your instructor brings you in for the landing. Afterwards your “skydive grin” gives you away as you explore the beach or park and sample the local cuisine.

To have conquered the skies and pushed your own personal boundaries is a remarkable feeling. It is an experience that you will remember forever.

Location: Sydney, Australia

Life Experience: Skydiving Sydney

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