Telluride 2010 Roommates Standing Pretty in the Kitchen

The highly anticipated roommates situation! I have assigned the roommates, and you should be rooming with your friends. The people who are in bold are house captains.

Tip: When handling a trip with many people, assign captains and communicate only with captains on the trip. This way, you delegate jobs instead of stressing out, doing everything on your own.

House captains are in charge of handing out the keys to each house. Keys will be given at the beginning of the trip. Captains will also be the person I will text for information on where the hang out will be on a particular night. If I don’t have your number, I will grab them from Ray. Please pack your phones and chargers! Let me know if I have to change captains. If you are not a captain and you want to find out what’s going on that night, ask your captain, not me or Ray. Captains were assigned by how many friends they know in the house. Captains, we are counting on you to be responsible and to text/let everyone know what’s going on that night! If anyone has any questions at all about plans, ask your captain and the captain will text me. Whether it’s text or word of mouth or notes in the kitchen, let everyone know how you will be communicating with them. Grab everyone’s numbers if you have to. Captains themselves do not have to be at the event if he/she doesn’t want to. Everyone is in charge of themselves in the morning.

Don’t forget, this is what the Telluride Lodging looks like.

A map of where every lodge is: Village Town Map

Bachman 4 (fits 10 people)
Kim C.
Geoff P.
Alice E.
Leo R.
Angelo V.
Michael V.
Jordan M.
Phil C.

Bachman 5 (fits 8 people)
Nelson O.
Sarah L.
Jenna O.
Tommy O.
Tasia S.
Robby R.

Bachman 9 (fits 10 people)
Odin M.
Alfred P.
Alfonso M.
Clintyn K.
Tanya C.
Jennel R.
Nicolas V.
Jason P.
Kelly M.
Lynn K.

Bachman 11 (fits 12 people)
Ben T.
Jon M.
Robert T.
Jeremy F.
Jihan L.
Kim S.
Will P.
Brian C.
Theresa C.
Brian L.

Bachman 16 (fits 9 people)
Alexis B.
Ray V.
Jayna S.
Ryan S.
Vince B.
Nate B.
Whitney M.
Zan B.

Smuggler (fits 6 people)
Nathan E.
Chrissy D.
Joanna G.
Johannes G.
Brandon B.
Chris P.

Lulu City #6F (fits 8 people)
Logan F.
Chris M.
Leo N.
Colin C.
Thomas F.
Jamie F.
Russell L.
Rob H.

As always, this is subject to change if people drop out or if people get added.

Let me know if you have any questions! =)

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