Ray and I learned how to snowboard in the winter of 2008. We got to know each other well in Telluride, CO on a snowboarding trip and became addicted! Naturally, a snowboarding trip to Switzerland was the first idea I had when finalizing my study abroad adventure.

Luckily, this epic mountain is open for skiing and snowboarding all year! We decided to go a week after my birthday in November to Zermatt, Switzerland on the Matterhorn. We flew into Geneva and took a two hour, very scenic train drive to Zermatt.

Only the very top of the mountain was open around this time, and it took two gondola rides and a ski lift to get there. Looking around the large gondola, it felt like Ray and I were the only snowboarders there. This place was filled with skiers! At the top was an amazing view of the Swiss Alps. We couldn’t believe we were about to snowboard this! We were above any altitude we ever thought possible. The top of the mountain was empty of trees. It got so windy, the birds themselves were having their own extreme adventure! With wind, came the snow flurries that only made our adventure even better.

Ever been to Switzerland? What was your experience?

Date of Adventure: November 14, 2009

Location: Zermatt, Switzerland

Life Experience: Shredding the Swiss Alps

Ski Resort: Zermatt

Hotel: Hotel Daniela


To get there, we booked a flight to Zurich, Switzerland and then took a train to Zermatt.

The rental for gear and the lift tickets may be cheap around this time, but the food in this city and this ski resort  is very expensive! Make sure you set aside money for food.

Contact the ski resort for information from the Zermatt website. The Swiss are very friendly and helpful people! They want you to enjoy your experience. Don’t be afraid to inquire about anything by contacting them! Better to know now than find out later.

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