Snowboarding Checklist

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Winter is coming and so is snowboarding! Make sure you’re properly geared before you head out to the slopes!

– Beanie or Helmet
– Goggles
– Scarf

– Tank top
– Thermal
– T-shirt
– Sweater
– Snowboarding jacket

– Thermal
– Belt
– Sweatpants
– Snowboarding pants

– Snowboarding socks
– Boots
– Extra shoes

– Inner gloves
– Snow gloves

– Hair tie
– Bobby pins

– Heat packs
– Sun block
– Chapstick
– Lotion
– Bandana
– Medicine
– Power bars
– Contact lenses
– Contact lens cleaner
– Sunglasses
– Underwear
– Camera
– Camera bag
– Bathing suit (hot tub)
– First Aid Kit

– Binding
– Tools
– Snowboard
– Snowboard bag

Please watch the following video if you’ve never bought snowboarding gear before.

Don’t forget the rest of your stuff! Here is the essential traveling checklist: Checklist

Did I miss anything? What do you bring for snowboarding?

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  • I highly recommend those warming packets. Keep them in your gloves or pockets. Why ride cold? Ride comfortably.

    • Yes! How did I forget? Heat packs keep my fingers and toes warm!

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