If Christmas isn’t already your favorite holiday, New York City will definitely change your mind. This city glitters in Christmas lights and holiday decorations! Moving from the Philippines to Arizona, I definitely miss seeing Christmas on the streets! You can feel the holiday spirit everywhere and you will get excited about Christmas, family, and presents!

Fifth Avenue and Rockafeller Center are the most decorated. Set aside an hour of walking time since you’ll be taking pictures if not fighting through the crowd.

Pictures don’t do these Christmas lights justice, so make sure to visit on your own!


Although New York City has many toy stores like FAO Schwartz and LEGO, taking your child to 5th Avenue or Rockafeller Center is not recommended unless you are planning on carrying them the whole time. Little kids will end up stuck in a large crowd of people, and they will complain. We saw a lot of kids complain to their parents about the situation. They will not see the view of the city, and they will end up running into leg after leg of tourists. Kids in strollers are definitely a no go! You will not be able to get through a crowd with a stroller, so save your kid and yourself the headache and bring them when they are older.

Wear comfortable shoes and have patience. You will be walking for hours and running into a sea of tourists. It is best to be comfortable, warm, and and patient. Plenty of people will be bumping into you trying to see the Christmas tree. Just know that it will be hectic.

Bring cash. If you get hungry, you can fill up from the food stands on the streets.

Location: New York City, New York

Date: December 11, 2010

Life Experience: New York Christmas

‘Til next adventure!

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