Whether it’s waiting at an airport, at a train station, or at a bus station, travelers deal with a lot of waiting. The waiting game is the hardest part of traveling if you’re anxious! Keep yourself busy and distracted with these simple tricks.

Schiphol Airport

Things to do while waiting for departure:

Sleep – We know you’ve been partying it up all weekend, why not catch up on some sleep while you wait to go home? Your body needs to boost its immune system and sleep is a great way to fight off germs when people cough on the plane. Sleep on your backpack and make sure your belongings are secure. I have even used my boyfriend, Ray, as my pillow while we wait 2 hours at the Frankfurt train station.

Barcelona Metro Station

Read – There should be magazine or newspaper stands nearby. Read up on some travel magazines or take a look at what’s going on in the world with a newspaper. If you’re in a different country, test how much of that language you’ve learned by reading their local magazine to see if you understand the story. You might be surprised! Just be mindful of the local rules. Ray and I were looking through a provocative magazine at a stand at the Barcelona-Sants metro stop, and after a few minutes, the associate told us that we needed to purchase it in order to enjoy it a while longer!

Organize – Take out your laptop and upload those pictures, organize them in your travel folders. You’ll not only enjoy reviewing travel photos, you’ll also be productive! Laptop is packed? Organize your contacts on your phone. Delete old numbers and update new ones!

Brussels Airport

People Watch – This is Ray’s favorite past time while waiting. You’ll find the most interesting people while traveling. Watch businessmen in their suits as they strut across a busy airport. Watch parents as they scold their kids at the train station. Watch couples as they say their good byes at the bus station. Bored with watching people? Pretend you’re a fashionista from Project Runway and judge people’s choice of travel clothes. It’s all fun and games and will let the time pass by.

Eat – Traveling takes a lot out of people. Why not eat for sustenance? Here’s your chance to eat the local delicacy for the last time. If you’re departing for vacation, here’s your chance to eat something familiar before you go into the unknown world.

Art Walk – Plenty of airports nowadays have art and history all over its walls. Take leisurely walk and enjoy the art. Some airports even have museums you can walk through. The Zurich airport offers sightseeing tours and an observation deck to view runways for those who are interested. Find out at the information desk what the airport provides for entertainment.

Take Pictures – Play at the kids section at the airport and take pictures! Take pictures by artwork, by statues, by restaurants, by anything! You never know how much fun you’ll have with your friends and how fun the pictures will turn out!

Detroit Airport

These have definitely helped pass the time, and I hope they help you out, too! What was the longest you’ve had to wait? Where was it? What did you do to cope with the waiting game?

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