Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had a great time celebrating New Year’s Eve! Where did you celebrate this year?

WorldTag began in May of 2010, and we’re excited to still be around today! From the past couple of months, I have learned that our travels aren’t always about sightseeing. It’s also about what you do there and who you adventure with! Pictures and videos don’t do these adventures any justice. We hope we’ve convinced you to experience it yourself!

This year, I have a few travel goals. The major ones are:

January 6-9: Snowboarding Telluride, Colorado

August: Burning Man Festival in Black Rock City, Nevada

October: Voodoo Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana

Philippines – Our Motherland

With only 18 sick and vacation days total given annually at my work, it is going to be difficult to squeeze in a lot of traveling. I’ve been trying to stay healthy in order to avoid using one of these 18 days for sickness. Do you have a hard time accepting your vacation hours at work?

I am also trying to get more people to write for the blog. Any stories, any tips, any pictures/videos, anything you’d like to share about your adventures, let me know at alexis.borja@gmail.com. I am tired of seeing my face in all of the pictures and would be delighted to see someone else’s travel smiles!

Also, if you have any interesting pictures you’d like to share for our The Art of Traveling articles, email me with “The Art of Traveling” in the subject line. If you have quick travel tips, email me with “Quick Travel Tips” in the subject line!

Since you are our readers, please let me know what article you would like to see in Worldtag. Let me know what tips you’d like to hear, what travel shows you recommend, what websites, what books, etc.

Also, let me know what kind of information you’d like to see in our articles. What are we missing? What’s working well? What’s not working? Any suggestions would be great!

What are your travel plans this year? Any places you’d like to see? Any experiences on your bucket list you’d like to check off this year?

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Thank you for reading! ‘Til next adventure!

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