The time has come, Telluriders! Please check your emails for information from Alpine Ski Club! We are very excited to hit the trails with everyone! Just quick info:

We are on BUS #8 and will be leaving at 6:00AM this Thursday, January 6. Be there at 5AM, so we can get luggage loaded and ready. Check your email for location of meet-up. Luggage suggestion is one bag and your snowboard/ski bag. Please don’t forget to sign and bring the membership waiver!

No glass containers are allowed on the bus. If you are bringing liquor for the trip, you can store it with your luggage underneath the bus. If you wanna drink on the bus, bring beer cans or transfer the liquor to a water bottle and bring it on the bus. It’ll be a party! Also, we are having a house party on Saturday, so if you want to contribute to liquor, that would be great! Bring playing cards for drinking games! Alcohol is hard to come by at Telluride, so bring some with you! Keep in mind the high altitude in Colorado! We’re excited to party and have everyone meet!

Once you find a seat on the bus, this will be your seat on the way to Colorado and on the way back to Arizona.

Bring movies if you’d like! It’s a 9-10 hour one-way bus ride! We only stop once at a McDonalds in Flagstaff. There will be a bathroom on the bus for comfort!

Once we arrive, the captains will get keys to their lodge. Bring the Telluride Lodging Map to find your lodge easier. It’s first come, first serve on the rooms! There should be enough king/queen size beds for couples for each lodge.

Here is our daily plan:
Thursday: unpack, dinner, and hit up local bars
Friday: dinner then Alpine Daze Private Party, alcohol will be served at the party. Location: 580 Mountain Village Blvd
Saturday: Free BBQ in the daytime at Gorono (location is on the Trail Map); House Party at Bachman 16 at nighttime, pack-up to go home
Sunday: Last day to ride! Make sure you are back on the bus on time! Time will be announced on Thursday.

There are full kitchens at the lodges. There should be pots and pans as well as plates (don’t kill me if there isn’t since I’ve never stayed in all of the lodges), so if you want to bring food to cook or microwavables to save money, you can.
There is also a small grocery store by the lodges if you want to buy some food and drinks when you get there.

Recommended restaurants:
Siam Telluride – Thai Food
Excelsior Café – Italian Food
Emilio’s Grill and Bar – Mexican Food

Please review:
Snowboarding Checklist
Traveling Checklist
Your Housemates
Telluride Lodging
Telluride Weather

If you wanna meet up for snowboarding in the morning, meet up place is at Lift 7 at around 8:30AM. Please let us know if you have any questions! See you on Thursday!

Happy boarding!

PS. If you enjoyed this trip, come with us next year and recommend more friends!

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