After visiting the Statue of Liberty, we headed for Ellis Island, the inspection station for millions of immigrants. There is a lot more to see here than you would expect, so set aside at least two hours to learn about Ellis Island. We learned plenty about the history of immigrants upon entering the place. The mood is set by the echoes of your own footsteps.

Immigrants took the risk to travel miles on the ocean to get to the promised land. They moved in order to work and make a better living. This lead me to believe that the reason why Americans are workaholics is because of this history. With less corporate holidays than Europe, Americans generally spend more time at work than with family.

My family moved here in order to make a living as well, and it seems as if the image of the American dream is still the same to this day.

With plenty of immigrants, fear of labor competition developed. This issue is still relevant today.

This tour of the island was an eye opening experience. One can feel the grim aura of the place through the pictures, the testimonials, the clothes, and plenty of other artifacts.  A little warning: the mood gets more and more somber the longer you stay.

Ever been to Ellis Island? What did you learn?

Date: December 10, 2010

Location: New York, New York

Life Experience: Ellis Island

‘Til next adventure!

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