I’m not as think as you drunk I am!

Barcelona is known for many things. Gaudi, Las Ramblas, Playa de Barceloneta….and the best bars to get blitzed at! Take a taxi or the convenient metros because you can’t be driving after this. Not even on your vespa! I’ve compiled a list of my favorite ones. You can thank me later.

The Chupito Bar
Passeig de Colón, 8
08002 Barcelona, Spain
699 773 674

Located near Playa de Barceloneta, The Chupito Bar, or Shot Bar, is known to have over 200 shots for a very cheap price! There is even a Harry Potter shot! This pyromaniac bar likes their shots on fire, so get ready to be daring when you get to Chupitos. The shot menu is on the wall of the bar. It’s hard to pick a shot since the names all stir curiosity! They also offer mixed drinks served in a glass big enough to share between three people. Be ready to get tipsy!

Bar Dow Jones
C/ Bruc, 97
08009 Barcelona, Spain
934 763 831

The stock market and alcohol combo! Order a drink and the prices change. After a “market crash”, sirens and lights go off. Push your way towards the bar as the prices have gone down 30-50%! First bar I’ve been to where the alcohol prices are interactive! American style bar where you can experience a different kind of “buzz” at wall street.

El Bosc de les Fades
08002 Barcelona, Spain
933 172 649

For visuals, go to Bosc de les Fades! A fairy themed bar. This bar is enough to get you enchanted before you even order a drink. Well-decorated with pretty lantern lights and forest-like atmosphere, you’ll be taking more pictures than taking shots. With enough sangria though, you never know what you’ll start seeing.

Peppermint Bar

If you need a quick fix to your 99 problems, or maybe you’re just too lazy to get up to the bar every time you bottoms-up, this is the place to be! They serve as big as 13 liter drinks. Yes, 13 liters. Fill it with you favorite brew or get culturized with a 13 liter sangria. Share a drink from a fish bowl with your friends. Or can you handle it on your own?

It’s hard not to have too much fun in Barcelona. Don’t forget, the metros open at 5AM, and you still have to do the walk of shame. As everyone else is nicely dressed in their work or school uniforms, you’re probably barely making it on the metro with mascara all over your face. Not me, of course.

What’s your favorite bar in Barcelona? Any interesting bars anywhere else? Tell us about it!

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Life Experience: Adventurous ways to get sloshed.

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