Born in the tropics and now living in the desert, packing for winter travel has been difficult. Not only is my closet free of winter-clothing, I don’t even know what to shop for. Tank tops, shorts, skirts, and dresses invade my closet, with barely any heavy jackets.  After London, Dublin, Colorado, and New York, I’ve finally found my winter clothing essentials.  Now that it’s warming up, some of these items may be on sale.

What to Wear in the Winter


Beanies help snowboarders, so they’re useful for any cold weather. They come in different levels of thickness and durability. I’ve come to realize that my ears are very sensitive to the cold, so when the winter is too much for me to handle, my ear-flap beanie is there to keep me comfortable. While everyone else whined about the cold in Amsterdam, I walked around comfortably in my newly purchased Amsterdam ear-flap beanie.

Winter Coat

Invest in a nice winter coat. I had a friend choose for me since I didn’t know how to shop for one! Winter coats are key players for cold weather. Guys look polished and girls look sexy in them. Even though I live in the desert now, I have used my winter coat plenty of times when we travel to go snowboarding or when we travel anywhere in the winter. If you don’t live in a cold place, choose a winter coat that is timeless and one that matches anything. You may need to only purchase one coat.

Select Perfect Coat For Your Body Type

How To Pick a Men’s Winter Coat


Scarf, scarf, scarf. I must own twenty of these. They come in different colors, sizes, styles, and fabrics. Wool is the warmest fabric I have found. It’s a simple accessory that keeps the heat in your body.


Like I said before, my ears are very sensitive to the cold. The one accessory dedicated to keeping your ears warm are earmuffs. If you like showing off your hair, get earmuffs that go behind your ear. Some of them are foldable so it’s perfect for stashing it in your travel bag or a pocket.


Thermals are lifesavers. They can be purchased at walmart, target, or any sporting store. These are worn under regular clothes and traps body heat. They’re thin, comfortable, and insulate your body. I wear these for snowboarding as well as sightseeing.


What are glittens, you say? They’re the coolest winter invention for your hands, yet. Gloves and mittens had a baby to keep your paws warm and usable. The top part can be removed, so you can still use your fingers to text on your touchscreen phone. Fingers getting cold? Put the top part back on and keep ‘em comfy!

Leg Warmers

Use the 80s favorite accessory to keep you warm. These leg warmers can be worn under boots for extra heat and comfort. Choose a classic black one or have fun in color! They’ll add flare to any winter outfit.


Invest in a nice pair of boots. For travel, choose one that doesn’t have heels or choose one that has a low wedge. I purchased black boots with low wedge heels and wore them practically every day in winter! They were a little over my budget, but I can walk around for hours wearing them pain-free. I no longer have to worry about what shoes to wear. These can be worn with virtually any outfit.

Now, I have a versatile closet filled with clothes that can help me in any weather. I used to wonder how I’m ever gonna see the Christmas lights in New York, and now, I’ve been there warm and comfortable! I’m still not an expert in winter clothes, so if you have any other tips, please share!

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