You know it’s gonna be a good day when you walk into work and the “Tequila” song is playing. Yes, I am just now writing up this article on this beautiful day. I had a different article scheduled for today, but I 1decided that I wanted to write a tribute to the city that I visited three weekends in three months. This is one of the weekends the crew and I decided to go for the Electronic Dance Festival. It was a fun-filled weekend and just putting together this article makes me wanna go back and redo the weekend all over, again with these lovely faces!

The Bulldog Hostel has Karaoke Thursdays. Karaoke in Europe is amazing since everyone at the bar sings along with you. Here, Alan is brave enough to belt out to Ricky Martin in front of the bar. We are proud. =)

Amsterdam is not afraid to put up these signs. They don’t care. Visual signs are useful for a place visited by people around the globe.

Still our first night with smiling faces. This place promises a lot already.

After singing to Backstreet Boys, we’re down to party all night.

Karaoke and pool. Here, you see how well decorated this hostel is. I fell in love with hostels after this trip!

Mi novia! Rockin’ it since 2009. I miss her NYC ass!

The Amsterdam bag I happily purchased sitting on my lap. I hung this bag across my chest all around Europe.


A festival that weekend. Amsterdam has a festival every weekend! As you all know, I love love love festivals. Let’s learn Dutch and move to Amsterdam! Anyone? From left to right: Karesa, me, Danielle, and Heather.

Electronic dance festival! Yes, two festivals in one weekend. My first time seeing deadmau5 was in Amsterdam. Jealous? This picture summarizes my feelings of this city. Carefree.

After this coffee shop experience, the smell of carnival food tugged at me while walking around the city. Fries, popcorn, corn on a cob…Mi novia’s hunt for shoes lasted for hours. But I didn’t care. The fries with barbecue flavored ketchup was enough to keep me company.

Our last night. This was the only trip where everyone in this crew could make. The only time we were complete throughout the study abroad experience. Clockwise from left: Patrick, Karesa, me, Danielle, Alan, Christian, Melissa, Alex, Kou, and Ashley.

Schiphol Airport. Flight delay? Texas Hold’em to save the day!

“I wanna love ya and treat you right…” I realize that Bob Marley is now playing on the speakers at my work just as I am finishing this article. How perfect could this be? Is it a sign we should go back?

Ever been to Amsterdam? What was your favorite part?

The obligatory I amsterdam pic!

Taken 8.30.09 with the Main Squeeze <3

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