How would you like to dive underwater to visit a museum? In Cancun, Mexico, you can do just that! Created by Mexico-based British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor, sculptures were lowered into the waters to create a unique museum intended to demonstrate the interaction between art and environmental science. Over the years, marine life will colonize and inhabit the structures modeled after the residents of Puerto Morelos, Mexico. The museum is meant to illustrate our dependency on nature.

How would you like your face to be inhabited by marine life? I was definitely jealous! This museum is always changing as more and more fish and algae inhabit the structures. Promoting tourism while helping the Earth is an admirable decision for Taylor. For more pictures and information visit:

Museo Subacuático de Arte
Pictures: “Bodies” Fill Underwater Sculpture Park

Anyone else wanna take a dive?

Happy Earth Day! What have you done to make a difference?

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