Gondola Ride with Chocolate Covered Strawberries: Coronado Island

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Ray and I decided to go to SeaWorld San Diego  for our 2 year anniversary and looked for a romantic adventure to do afterwards. We have a history with chocolate covered strawberries, so when we found out that the Murano Gondola Cruise comes with this delectable dessert, we signed up automatically! Located in Coronado Island, the ride was beautiful.

Before the cruise began, they asked if we had a camera and happily took a picture of us! No worries about capturing the moment here!

We went on a quiet night ride on serene water and mused at the boats and houses owned by the wealthy Coronado residents. The gondolier was friendly and serenaded us with an Italian lullaby in the middle of the ride. He has been a gondolier for nine years, and we can tell he loves his job! We enjoyed the strawberries and the beautiful city lights.

The evening cruise was very calming, but if you wanna see more view, I would suggest doing a morning or a sunset ride You can also bring your own bottle of wine, and they’ll have a bucket of ice and wine glasses ready for you. The experience was a perfect way to spend our anniversario notte.

Ever been on a gondola ride? How was your experience?

Life Experience: Gondola Cruise

Date: May 7, 2011

Location: Coronado Island, California

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