It’s easy to get wrapped up in preparing yourself for a vacation. With flights, hotels, packing, don’t forget that you still have to prepare your house. Summer is coming up and more people are taking extended vacations. These are extra precautions you can take to avoid trouble after a nice relaxing getaway.

Yeah, if only this is my house

Preparing your house for travel:

Daily News – Newspapers accruing in front of the house is an indicator that your house is empty. Ask a neighbor to pick them up every day before burglars realize that no one is home and no one will be for awhile.

Get Rid of Perishables – Empty your refrigerator of food that can go bad. Eat them before you leave! And try not to do groceries a couple of days before. You don’t wanna come home to a house stinking of spoiled food.

Unplugged – Make sure to unplug any electronics that don’t need to be plugged when you’re not home. Blowdryers, iron, computers, chargers, microwaves, toasters, and other electronics that can cause a fire should be left unplugged if you’re not taking them on vacation with you. Turn off your air conditioner to save money on electricity.

Lights Out! – Set automatic timers on some of the lights, especially an outdoor one. If you can, install outdoor lights that turn on when it detects movement. This helps the house look less empty.

Ring Off – If you have a land line, set the ringer on mute and lower the volume on your answering machine. If you are unable to lower the volume, try not to put the dates that you will be gone on your answering machine as this is an invitation for burglars to come in.

Beep Beep! – Before you leave, set your house and car alarm if you have one. Make sure it is working properly.

Last Minute Check – Make sure all the windows and doors are locked before leaving.

Preparing your house allows for a more enjoyable and relaxed vacation. As a last tip, I would suggest giving a family member a way to contact you in case something happens.

Did I miss any tips? How do you prepare your home before you leave on vacation? Please share!


2 thoughts on “Preparing Your Home for a Vacation

  1. If you have an electric water heater it is a good idea to flip the breaker to off

    I ALWAYS turn off my water (main water shut off for house)

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