Last night, I realized how lucky I was.

I was born in the Philippines, and lived on the island of Polillo until I reached second grade. Last night, I was watching TV and saw a clip of an island from a distance. White sand with palm trees everywhere. You know, the typical island view. I blurted, “That’d be awesome to live there for awhile!” Then, somewhere in my memory bank, a view of Polillo came up in my mind. The view of Polillo that I see when I leave on a boat to visit my cousins in Manila. An island from afar with white sand and trees.

I was too young to realize how awesome this was! At an early age, I thought it was the normal thing. I was in disbelief at how much I had unknowingly taken it for granted. I will definitely go back and cherish Polillo like it’s supposed to be.

For more pictures and information on the beautiful island of Polillo, please visit Lakwatsera de Primera

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