When we’re not traveling, we love to watch the Travel Channel to pretend like we’re somewhere else besides the couch in our condo. There are a lot of interesting shows nowadays specially the “let’s try weird delicacies” shows. From my past posts, what do you think is my favorite?

Bert, the Conqueror.

If you haven’t noticed, yet, my articles are about life experiences. Not just traveling to sightsee and photograph, we also like to experience a little bit more of what the place can offer that my hometown does not. Festivals like La Tomatina and natural wonders like the Swiss Alps are some of the experiences we dove into at that specific location. To me, experiencing what the location can offer adds to the sightseeing experience. With that said, I would love to have Bert’s job.

As the Travel Channel website describes, “He travels around the country in search of can’t-miss thrill rides and local activities. Whether he’s riding Virginia’s Griffon, the tallest and fastest coaster in the world, plunging 40 feet down Hawaii’s Shaka waterslide, or competing in Maine’s North American Wife Carrying Championship, Bert stops at nothing to celebrate the unique traditions that take place in towns across the nation.” You can tell that you’re in for a wild ride if you tune in to his show. It’s a plus that he sounds like Will Ferrell, and if you close your eyes, you can imagine Will Ferrell freaking out during a roller coaster ride.

My favorite part of watching this show is the fact that the director has a crazy way of making the viewer feel like they are there with Bert conquering various locations. Bert goes around interviewing the locals and finding out tips from these experts. You meet the locals, which is a great way of getting to know an unfamiliar place. How many times have you watched something amazing happen in front of your eyes and just wish you were recording it? In one episode, Bert sees a complete water wipe out in front of him. He grabs the camera and says, “Can we see that in slow motion?” And sure enough, the scene replays in slow motion, so you can see exactly how the wipe out happened. It definitely feels like you’re part of the adventure.

Bert always challenges himself to make the trip more exciting. In one competition, he exclaims, “I can’t go back to California with a [score of] 7.5! I have to beat these locals!” He didn’t win, but with that statement alone, he makes his trip worthwhile and comes back with a story. And this is why we travel.

At the very end of each episode, you hear a clip of him saying, “I could move here!” How many of us travelers have said that about each place we go to? It’s a perfect ending to each episode, and a reminder to everyone that it doesn’t have to stop at traveling. While you work a 9 to 5 job, going to a place where nobody knows your name can be your excuse to discover your inner child and partake in an adventure where you can come home with stories of thrill and embarrassment.

What’s your favorite Bert, the Conqueror episode? What’s your favorite Travel Channel Show?

‘Til next adventure!

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