If you had told me that at 27 years old I’d be in New York and tanning on a rooftop… I’d ask “Why would I tan on a rooftop?”

I’ve been living in New York two years, there is always an adventure that I love to share with others.

Today’s adventure was rooftop sunbathing. Just like a beach set up, we brought food, towels, blankets, a lounge chair, music, and our bikini bottoms.

We were not the tallest building in the vicinity. We are positive the neighbors in the buildings nearby saw us.

So we take it up a notch and go topless.

When my friend (who invited me to rooftop tanning) was in Tahiti, she was conscious of a shirt she was wearing because her boobs were coming out. A man came up to her and said very gently, “Don’t be ashamed. They are just boobs. Everyone has them, everyone has seen boobs.”

Under that philosophy, we let loose!

New York doesn’t have grass lawns. We have rooftops!

As an alternative to the beach, what do you guys do in your city/neighborhood to get some sun?

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