There’s nothing like the food you ate when you were little that gives your taste buds a little more kick. Comfort food seems to taste better than any other types of food out there! No matter what types of food I try every time we travel, nothing compares to Filipino food. With that said, my two favorite places to eat in Southern California are Goldilocks and Jollibee! I’m sure a lot of my Filipino friends would say the same thing!

Goldilocks is a bakery and a Filipino restaurant. It is family-sized servings, so don’t make the same mistake we did before! Each dish can be shared by two or more people! Not sure what to order? Check out the favorites on the website. Don’t forget to grab halo-halo for dessert! And if you want to take home something from the bakery, I suggest buying a couple of bags of ensaymada and polvoron!


Jollibee is a Filipino fast food restaurant. It rivals McDonalds in the Philippines. Chicken Joy is everyone’s favorite, but my personal favorite is the spaghetti and the palabok.

We can’t leave California without eating at a Filipino restaurant! With all the delicious places to eat, a home-cooked meal is still the best. My mom’s Filipino-style spaghetti is still my ultimate favorite! What’s your comfort food? Any restaurants you would recommend?

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