One day in Paris is not enough to see every tourist spot, but we definitely got a preview when we were given the opportunity to visit. We visited my cousin who I haven’t seen in more than ten years! She was nice enough to take us around town and see sites as quickly as possible in one day. It doesn’t take long for a tourist to realize that the Paris Metro is crazy! We had a couple of stops, a walk, a couple more stops, and more walking to get from the bus station to her apartment. We dropped our bags and headed out.

Sacre Croix

First stop was the Sacre Croix. The thing about Europe is, they make you work to see their sites. I can’t tell you how many flights of stairs we took to get up to the Sacre Croix. It’s definitely a great morning work out, and you can see that this is where people love to hang out on a warm, sunny day. Public display of affection is seen all around here. Inside the Sacre Croix was grand. We were not allowed to take photographs as a mass was in session. Don’t forget to take off your hat for respect!

Where there are tourists, there will be street performers
View from the top

Next stop was the Moulin Rouge. We only got to see this cute, little, red destination for a little bit before we moved on with our journey. It’s definitely something I want to come back for!

Moulin Rouge

The famous Arc de Triomphe was the next spot. We decided to experiment on picture taking here!

Arc de Triomphe

Lastly, was the Eiffel Tower. If you see a cityscape of Paris, this towers stands tall. When you think of Paris, you probably see the Eiffel Tower in your head. It’s very photogenic because of its shape which is probably why pictures of the Eiffel Tower is seen everywhere. I do have to admit that it wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be. We didn’t reach the top since the line to the elevator and stairs was not worth the time and effort. It was still beautiful to take pictures of. I couldn’t believe we made it to Paris!

Photogenic Eiffel Tower
View from the park bench

My favorite part about Paris? The crepe Nutella from a street vendor! Whatever you do in Paris, make sure you make time for this dessert!


Enjoying my Crepe Nutella

Isn’t this in Las Vegas?

There are a lot more sites we have yet to see here. A day is definitely not enough for Paris. Ever been to Paris? What was your favorite part?

Date: August 28, 2009

Location: Paris, France

Ear Candy: Anggun – Un Ete A Paris 

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