Ben and Teri’s Baby Shower vs Cousins Roadtrip to Six Flags

We are firm believers of the fact that if you do something too much, there is a downside. Traveling is not an exception.

A few months ago, Ray and I got invited to a road trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain with my cousins. I have not been on a road trip with them since I was in 5th grade, so I jumped at the opportunity. People who know me well know that hanging out with my family promises some of the best memories.

A couple of weeks ago, our good friends Ben and Teri informed us of their first baby shower. Guess what? It’s on the same day as the road trip. We know that having a baby is a life changing experience, and we wanna be there for them.

Ray and I promised each other that we would put family first over anything, but this is a first baby shower! But we couldn’t bail out of a trip as it would negatively affect my cousins’ finances and planning. We know how it feels like when people bail out on trips, and we wouldn’t wanna do it to them.

Ray and I spent an entire weekend feeling sorry that we wouldn’t make the baby shower. We collaborated for our first baby diaper cake in order to redeem ourselves. We swear, we’re good friends and we care! The cake turned out to be all kinds of amazing, and we are proud!

Ray and Alexis Collabo

BUT…Love doesn’t cost a thing. It doesn’t matter what gifts you get or how much money you spent on a gift. Your presence is the best gift you can give to a friend or family (although I’m sure they wanted the diapers! They can get pretty expensive!). This isn’t the first time we have missed events because we weren’t home, but this is the most difficult one. After traveling so many weekends, we are beginning to really miss our friends. You know the stereotypical, workaholic, American dad who’s never around for his son’s baseball game? This is similar. Although we love traveling and experiencing new things, we have to do it in moderation. Besides, traveling isn’t always about seeing the place. It becomes fully enjoyable because of the people you go with, so don’t take friends for granted. This is a new lesson we are working through.


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