An amusement park is a must in the summer, and we decided on Six Flags Magic Mountain this year. I was excited to go out of town with my cousins, Marben and Deo, since the last time we were out of town together was a trip to Disneyland when I was 11 years old! We’ve graduated from “It’s a Small World After All” ride to “X2”.

Every time we go to Six Flags, we never seem to get to ride every roller coaster we plan on riding. The lines to the best rides are always ridiculous! But who can you blame? Normally, the lines get shorter as the sun sets when the families take their kids home. Unfortunately, the night rolled in, and the lines were still beyond ridiculous! We missed out on riding Tatsu, my favorite, and the Green Lantern, the newest roller coaster. A couple of people in our group did get to ride the Green Lantern and had a blast! They said it was a mini X2 roller coaster and was worth the long wait in line. It turns out that Six Flags was having their event at night filled with performances, laser shows, and fireworks! Which is probably why the line to X2 at the end of the night was a 3 hour wait. Good thing we rode X2 first!

Our "Couple" Best Friends!
Birthday Girl

The food at amusement parks is always so expensive! We managed to only eat once that day at Six Flags to save some money at delicious Johnny Rockets.

Johnny Rockets

Yet another thing I should have bought, but didn’t! Furry thingy, I hope to see you, again! You’ve got to be useful someday!

So cute and cuddly!

Obligatory picture with costumed staff:

Batman and Wonderwoman

A song inspired me to film our adventure. It’s my first video collaboration with Ray! Please watch out for the timing of the song to the video. I’m really proud of it, and very excited to share this with all of you! I can’t keep the smile off my face when I watch this. Unless you want the song to get stuck in your head for an entire week, I suggest that you don’t dare watch this video. It’s an addicting song by Duck Sauce. If you know Duck Sauce, you ‘re probably already singing the song in your head. You’re welcome.

The Video:

Six Flags Magic Mountain, CA from Ray Villaraza on Vimeo.


Ever been to Six Flags Magic Mountain? What’s your favorite roller coaster?

Date: August 6, 2011

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Life Experience: Six Flags Magic Mountain

Where We Stayed: Hilton Garden Inn

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