I’m leaving for Hawaii on Wednesday, but apparently, that doesn’t stop us from going anywhere else! We got a last minute invite to Viva Las Vegas for Tin’s and Katrina’s birthday shenanigans. We drove up on Friday night, and came back on Saturday night which allowed us to relax on Sunday. My last weekend here til next month was quite an adventure!

Ballin' Hotel View at Planet Hollywood
Sexy Birthday Girls!

We were late and missed this photo-op! Before the shenanigans…

The Crew

The few pictures we did get…thanks to Tin!

Big Mouth means "Rage"

…and look who came out to party with us! A very blurry picture of Jay-Z. The crowd came in before we got to see him! But Tin took a picture. Jay-Z gets away with wearing just a white tee every time! We heard the DJ announce their names all night! “Jay-Z in the house! Dr. Dre! blah blah…Happy birthday, Jermaine Dupri!”


And Vegas isn’t Vegas if you don’t come back to the hotel with feet in pain! Lesson learned: Always buy expensive, comfortable shoes. They’re worth it! Best thing to come back to after a night of partying? Filipino food! We got hooked up! The morning after? It’s just one of those days when you find yourself in Vegas with a blow up doll.

Snuggling with Boy Toy Brad
Chillin' with Brad Poolside

Happy Birthday Tin and Katrina!! Thank you for the hospitality!

And on the way back home, a very surprising text.


Congrats to Ben and Teri for their cute and very healthy-looking baby! We had enough time to visit them on Sunday to see this little cutie! Welcome to the world, baby girl, Lily!

In a couple of days, I leave for Hawaii. I gotta say, it snuck up on me, and I feel as though I’m not ready! I’m having too much fun with life right now! When I’m home with Ray, I don’t wanna leave because I’ll miss him like the desert miss the rain (ha!). When I’m at work, I get butterflies in my stomach because I can’t wait to get a 10 day break from work and spend it at the beach! Planning on keeping in touch with family and Ray while I’m there. See you soon, Hawaii!

(Did I just get away with posting a picture of a baby and a blow up doll in one post?)




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  1. did u buy the doll in the store? or have to order it? im wondring, cuz im gonna go get one from spencers.

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