With music festivals ruling our summer, we missed out on hanging out with some of our local friends. After the Six Flags adventure with my cousins, we knew that we wanted some time off from traveling to get ready for the trip that required the most preparation: Burning Man. It was also an opportunity to reconnect with long time friends that we haven’t seen in months. Besides, the best thing about being stationed in this valley are our friends. It’s ALWAYS a good time with them.

We love hanging out with couples, and having a couple’s bowling night was an amazing idea by Chelsea and Ray! We originally wanted to check out the hottest bowling alley downtown: Lucky Strike. Of course, it was packed on a Friday night, but that didn’t stop us! We moved it to another location with a promise that there will be Couple’s Bowling Night II at Lucky Strike. Either way, we had a blast!

Ray and I had some of the lowest scores, but we were lucky enough to get some strikes! Go us!

Lowest Scoring Smiles

The girls took the lead winning the first game! Why wouldn’t we? All these girls are badass, and the boys agree.

The Winners

Chrissy had to work, so Nate joined our team. We missed you, Chrissy! Good thing there’s a next time!

Staring at our beautiful scores

The boys won the second game, so Couple’s Bowling II shall be a tie breaker. With Melinda and Tiff on our team, we got nothin’ to worry about.

We were lucky to see some of them again the weekend after for August birthday celebrations at the Spanish Fly! Spanish Fly is one of the newest nightclubs (or it’s new to us since we’ve been living in a cave for months) in the valley. What makes this club different from the others is that it has a pool outside surrounded by cute cabanas, reminiscent of the hotels in Vegas. We went for two weekends in a row for August birthdays, and both weekends were a blast! Maybe because we got to see some people we haven’t seen in ages. Maybe because the place is small enough to feel like a high end house party where we got to see someone’s drunken face at every turn. Or maybe because we haven’t drank in so long, and we were able to finally let go at the Spanish Fly.

Matching Drinks and Outfit!

We also took some friends who were in town from Portland on the second weekend, and they had a blast. We were limited on photos since we were without our trusted camera, but thanks to sexy Miss Jina for taking the pictures!

And happy birthday to my old roomie, Natalie! Margaritas with her are fun as always! If you didn’t know, Ztejas serves some of the most drunken margaritas I know. You only need one glass, but they’re so good that you’re gonna want two! Make sure you reserve a designated driver if you’re planning on having one of these delicious treats!

Happy Birthday, Leos!

Although we don’t see them as much as we hope to, we treasure every moment with our friends. We come home saying, “Man, that was a lot of fun! Let’s plan something with them, again.” And we spend all night talking about the new memories.

‘Til next adventure!

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