Every year we head out to a ski resort, 50+ people you know. Yes, we rage on the slopes. Last year was Telluride. This year: Durango, CO.

Owning the Mountain!

The price:

$385 for two people in a room.
$359 for three people in a room.
$339 for four people in a room.

One small price, includes:
– Jacuzzi / Indoor Swimming Pool
– Breakfast er’day (“Extensive Continental” – cuz we fancy huh?)


Stay at Rio Grande Resort with your Buddies
Roundtrip Bus Ride from Phoenix to Durango
3 Day Lift Ticket
Long sleeve tee, designed by Ray
Happy Hours - Two Free Drinks every night
Superbowl Raffle / Prizes (Snowmobile Tour!)

All for less than $400! Pay the price and worry about your food/drinks. That’s it, that’s all. Quite a few perks for a little price tag, huh?

AND GUESS WHAT ELSE! For a festival lover like me, there is the Snowdown 2012 “Once Upon a Snowdown” Festival! Description says:

Snowdown is Durango’s annual Winter Celebration. A costume party, parade and annually changing theme make this event one of a kind. Previous themes include Snowdown in Da Nile, an Egyptian themed Snowdown, and A Jolly Roger Snowdown, a pirate themed Snowdown party. The 2012 Theme is entitled “Once Upon a Snowdown” and plays upon fairy tales, whether they be Mother Goose or Grimm Brothers or Fractured etc… Get your costumes ready!



$105 due October 1st – Locks you in. The rest is due January 3. (There’s still room for your deposit now if you want to send it!)

Once you’ve done this, you HAVE to e-mail / text / call me to let me know that…

1.) You have paid your deposit, I’ll need your first name and last name
2.) I need your t-shirt size
3.) I’ll need your birthday
4.) Address and Email Address
5.) Phone number.
6.) Emergency contact information

IF you feel uneasy giving me money (First-timer? Don’t know me?) – Contact Alpine Ski Club at (602) 992-9394 and get verification that I am authorized to handle your cash-money. NOTE: They will not accept your payment for my bus, I am organizing everyone so no one falls through the cracks.


Ray Villaraza

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