Yet another amazing weekend. We celebrated Ray’s birthday at Soundwave with Manufactured Superstars, Dirty South, Z-trip, and Kaskade. DJ Z-trip was my favorite, and I get to see him again this Halloween at Voodoo Music Festival in New Orleans! He was my favorite at Coachella 2010, and he’s promising to treat his audiences well at Voodoo! We had a blast with our growing music festival family. I love these guys! Too bad we didn’t get too many pictures! That always happens!

Some of our Music Festival Family

The Ladies
The Ladies
"These are best people to be here with!!" -Celeste

Glad to see some of the crews from the west side, like Avie and PJ, there, but we didn’t see a lot of people we were expecting! A lot of us were too busy dancing. Shout outz to Chris and Ryan for coming to chill in our circle for a bit. And to the people we met at last year’s Collosal event. Always a pleasure to see them! But hoping to see more of them at Electric Daisy Carnival. Please attend!

From electro to hip hop, Saturday was back to our hip hop roots. We went to the Get Juiced jam hosted by Panic and Resaluu. It was a photo opportunity for Ray as he brushes up on his skills. Here’s a sneak peek of his photography set from the event with Bboy Case-One. Sick!!

As the night came, Friday night’s unstoppable dancing and Saturday’s events caught up to us. We were dead tired! We missed out on Deo’s and Danny’s birthday celebrations! We might be getting too old for party hopping. The goal is to not let this happen, again! I apologize for missing out, but I will see Deo this Saturday at our almost annual family costume party, and I will be treating Danny to dim sum this Sunday. Count on it! Happy Belated Birthday to Deo and Danny!

Also, we’re sorry for missing Jester’s and MJ’s baby shower and Ben and Teri’s baptism. Ray is doing another photoshoot to make up for it! Congratulations to both parents!

We really failed this weekend, didn’t we?

This week, Ray and I are attending the soft opening for “That Place” Sports Grill on Tuesday, a restaurant that my chef cousins, Kuya Wu and Cecile, helped open! There will be free pizza tasting and dollar draft beers. I’m very proud of them!

Wednesday night is saved for the 13 Floor Haunted House here in Phoenix with our friends! I love haunted houses, so I’m looking forward to getting spooked!

Thursday is dinner time with our couple best friends, Sarah and JR! Fun times to be had this week along with Ray and I scrambling to make our costumes for Halloween. It’s a costume idea I mustered up on Sunday night, and I hope it turns out well! Another Alexis + Ray Collabo! Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Too Old for Party Hopping?

  1. I wish I could’ve ran into you & Ray there! But I agree that everyone was just too busy dancing and having a good time. The energy there was just fun and exciting!

    ALSO — Z-Trip was amazing!! :D My favorite set!

    1. Yeah! Ztrip! he’s great with the people! I didn’t even know you were going! I haven’t seen you in ages! I wish I could’ve seen you, too! The energy is always amazing at these events. I hope to see you at the next one! :D

  2. In case I never told you, I love reading your posts on here :) Awesome job as always!
    PS – let me know how 13th floor goes. We’re debating if we should go since we’ve heard mixed reviews. Have fun!

    1. Thanks Joanna!! That means a lot! =)

      I will let you know about the 13th floor! BTW, it’s cheaper tickets if you buy from costco. I read up on it on Yelp, and it wasn’t very good, but the review had complaints about long lines. *shrug* we shall see!

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