A gift from a friend who has a hundred hidden talents. She’s my go-to girl for proofreading, editing, sewing, DIY projects, advice, and anywhere in between. To her, anything is possible. So when Ray and I got this thoughtful gift as a thank you for planning the Telluride Snowboarding Trip, I wasn’t surprised at how creative it was. It’s interactive, and it came with a framed poem on an aged piece of paper written by her!

Home is where the heart is
Yours is anywhere but home
Here’s a map for you to share
Everywhere you roam
Mark places that you want to go
And everywhere you’ve been
Whether you went solo
Or if you brought a friend
Tell us of your travels
And all that you’ve seen
From the Philippines to Brazil
And everywhere between
No longer will you be homesick
When memories fill your wall
Dream big. Dream small. Dream impossible.
And then go do it all!

My sincere thanks to Jayna! She’s in Tennessee at the moment for a surprise visit to her grandma! She got creative with the surprise, and maybe she’ll write about it when she gets back! Stay tuned!

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