How does someone get as lucky as having their birthday on 11-11-11? Well my friend, JR, is that lucky! We had a surprise dinner with him at The Keg. I’ve never been to the Keg, and they had doormen open the door! Fancy! They even gave JR a birthday card. Aww! Needless to say, their service was perfect.

We finally got to chat with some of the cool peeps we’ve been running into at music events. They were super fun to hang out with, and we have plans of paintballing with them in a couple of weeks! Exciting! We also got to see some friends we haven’t seen in long while! The night was starting out great!

We walked to the theater to see The Immortals. I’ve been looking forward to this movie, and it did not disappoint. I’m not gonna say much so I don’t ruin the movie, but I will say: the guys were drool worthy. For once, a movie made eye candy for girls, and they did it just right. Nothing sexier than a man who can fight evil topless.


It was a crazy night over all! Glad to see everyone there and glad that JR had a blast! Happy Birthday, again!

Saturday was spent at my cousin’s baby shower. Yet, another baby shower! It’s like we had a mini-baby boom this fall season. I’ve spent more time buying baby gifts for people more this year than I’ve ever had in my life! It was a cute celebration as always!

Sunday was spent shopping for Christmas gifts, and it was a very productive day. Yes! We’re proud that we’ve started the Christmas shopping! We still have so much to purchase. Have you started your Christmas shopping,yet?

I hope your 11-11-11 weekend went well! I know a lot of people went to Vegas to see if they’ve been touched with luck. Did any of you get lucky this past weekend?




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