Kauai is famous for its beautiful scenery, pristine beaches, and wild roosters. Yes. Wild roosters. They wake people up before the sun rises and are found everywhere. The Smith’s family luau taught us that Filipinos who migrated brought the fighting cocks into the island. (Woops! Sorry, guys!) It is said that Hurricane Iniki freed the roosters and chickens from their cages to run around freely and eventually multiply. We found them everywhere: in parking lots, in backyards, even high up on the mountains where we went ziplining. Which is where we found this guy.

How did this rooster get here? He has vibrant colors, curvaceous tail, and untouched feathers. He looks slick and walks like he’s up to something. What if he is untouchable? He was the most perfect rooster I’ve ever seen! I can only call him the Mobster Rooster.

Our house photographer, AK, caught him in action:

Watch Out, Now!

But in a beautiful place like Kauai, you can’t really complain about the roosters. People even find them interesting. Don’t believe me? Look through vacation photos in Kauai, and you’ll likely find a rooster!

Any funny animals you’ve found running around in urban places? Share your story!

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