Two Thanksgivings

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I’m lucky to be able to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with two lively families (not to mention two delicious dinners!). Many happy faces and uncontrollable laughs were shared. I loved seeing family from California that I haven’t seen for a long time. We didn’t shy away from taking pictures.

The more people there is, the harder it is to sit still in a photograph. The loudest photoshoot ever…

Fish-eye lens just for kicks:

The “problem” with some Asian families is, everyone loves an SLR:

The return of the poker tradition:

The animals in our lives:

Doesn’t this cat look like puss n boots?

Uncle: Why are you sticking your finger in the pussy?

Little Cousin: ‘Cuz the pussy likes it.

The Mob

The girls’ photoshoot:

The Thanksgiving mishap:


It was a sweet Thanksgiving weekend spent with the family. Much needed after a year of traveling and partying with the friends. In a month, we’ll be opening presents! I’m excited for the holidays. Are you? What are you thankful for?

Thanksgiving 2011

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