Birds of the same feather, travel together. The people who are interested in spending that much money and effort to do the same thing you’re going to do, are the people you have a lot in common with. They understand that it’s not easy to travel. They respect you because you made it happen, and in turn, you have the same respect for them.

When you’re traveling, you come across things that never cross your mind. You might even do things that you never thought you would do. We’ve taken some people surfing before, and they never thought they would for fear of sharks. Those people were the ones who surfed the most! It’s the mentality of, “Well, we’re here. We might as well.” Indeed, traveling opens your mind more than you think.

Around the winter months, I always remember the first time I went ice skating outdoors. It wasn’t even on my bucket list at the time, but the first time I went outdoor ice skating was in London. And I shared that first time skating in London experience with these people:

Besides the fact that traveling opens up your mind to doing things you’ll never forget, you create a special bond with the people you were with. I only got to know my study abroad buddies for about three months, but I can text or call any of them if I’m ever where they are currently living at any time. I’ll welcome any of them if they ever find me. We shared plenty of things together…

Karaoke in Barcelona


We crushed on the same girl
Deadmau5 in Amsterdam
Ate Brownies in Amsterdam
Couchsurfed in Dublin
Rode a Camel in Sahara Desert
Don't ask...

Studying abroad is a unique experience because you have the responsibility of a high school student (easy homework, no job, no bills), but the money and the freedom of a college student. Yes, the money is still limited, but you don’t have to ask your parents if you’re allowed to go to Amsterdam for the weekend. Depending on your host family, you don’t have to tell them what time you’re coming home. I share that unique experience with the people who came to the ISA program with me. They were strangers before, and now they are lifelong friends.

Making memories in the United States:

Times Square


VooDoo Festival in New Orleans
Snowboarding at Big Bear Lake, CA

There’s a special connection that traveling makes. You share an experience that you will never forget, and you will never forget who you shared them with. Doing new and exciting things make your brain tick. It’s like riding a roller coaster ride. It’s fun, it’s scary, it’s unforgettable, it’s photogenic, it’s full of smiles. You also learn a lot from traveling. You learn that other cultures are completely different from yours. You learn that just because it looks gross doesn’t mean it tastes bad. You learn that some people are more polite than others. You learn to do as the Romans do. And all your friends learn the same. They have a level of understanding and maturity that closely matches yours.

The coolest thing about these friends? Most travelers are adventurers. The ones who like being outside of their comfort zone. It doesn’t matter what age, what gender, what race. These are the people who will most likely jump out of planes, kayak through rivers, eat cow testicles, party pantless or anything else in between. Everyone has their limits of course, but these people have seen more outrageous and bizarre things than others. Your life will become an adventure.

Now imagine experiencing that with the people you already know, and the people who already know you. They know your inside jokes, your favorite food, your pet peeves, your fears, your history. Add a unique experience to the mix and your friends may become best friends.

Made Costumes for EDC


12 Mile Hike to the Havasu Falls
Surfed La Jolla Beach
Owned the Mountain at Telluride

Friends who become best friends. You’ve already done new and exciting things with these people, who are you gonna do the next new and exciting thing with? You’ll probably be texting them since they are the ones who will be down to go. They are the ones who have seen you scared to go into the water before surfing. The ones who have heard you say something stupid at a bar after a night of drinking. The ones who have seen you tumble around on the snow while learning how to snowboard. They’ve seen your embarrassing moments, and you become more and more comfortable around them. They’re also the first ones to celebrate with you when you land your first snowboarding jump. You can always reminisce with them, so why not? It’s a for sure win! And your friends will want to do more and more adventurous things. And why wouldn’t you wanna go on an adventure with them?

Now, imagine that with someone you love. They know you inside and out. They know your daily routines, your schedule, your sleepy face, a secret tickle spot.

Scooter in Barcelona
Snowboarded Switzerland
Felt Freedom at Burning Man

You share these experiences together and you grow and have a better understanding of things. We’ve experienced so many unique things together that we feel like we’re the only people in the world that we can relate to. The more you experience new things, the closer you get.You learn a lot about each other. And it seems like you’ve been together for five years even though it’s only been two years.

Traveling allows you to understand people faster than normal. You get to know their expertise and their flaws. When you go out all night, you’ll know who passes out first. When you’re meeting locals, you’ll know who’s shy. When you’re shopping, you’ll know who can spend. When you’re doing adventure sports, you’ll know their limits. When you can only pack so much, you’ll know what they can’t live without.

As long as you’re with the right people, your experience will be amazing. Traveling has plenty of benefits and finding friends and growing together is one of them. They know what you went through to get to that destination. They have an idea of what went through your head before you jumped off an airplane with them. You go through the same scary and exciting experiences that they will become your adventure buddies, and why wouldn’t you want one of those?

So think about that adventurous thing you’ve been planning on doing. Don’t delay, and save up for it now! You’ll gain more than just experience.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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