Ray and I were due for a new bed…8 months ago. One morning we finally cracked and declared, “That’s it. We’re buying a new bed.” I didn’t want an expensive bed, but at the same time, we needed a good one. No more spring mattresses! We knew we had to spend a fortune. Why are beds so expensive nowadays? We went to our local Sleep America store and fell in love with a mattress that has built in cooling gels. No more sweaty nights. This mattress feels like sleeping on clouds. No more neck pain or back pain in the morning! I’ve never loved a bed before until now. The only bad thing about it? It’s hard to get up in the morning when your bed is seducing you.

Once we got the bed delivered, we spent about an hour laughing and jumping during our “mattress photoshoot.” It’s the most fun I’ve ever had buying a house furniture! This bed is more like our friend than our furniture…Now, what to name him/her?

This bed is definitely better than any hotel bed we’ve ever slept on. We don’t spend much money on other things besides traveling, but when we do, we make sure it’s worth it.


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