I did pretty well with my travel resolution last year. I’m hoping to do even better this year! I want to put focus on these four destinations and not get side tracked by randomly going to other places throughout the year. I definitely need find another hobby to keep me from going insane when I have to stay home and save up money and vacation hours. Good luck to us! Here are our major trips planned for next year.

1. Durango, CO – February

Yet another year of exploring the mountains of Colorado. Last year was Telluride, this year is Durango. Time to pack our bags, jump on a bus with 40 of our friends and head out to own this mountain.

Owned the Mountain

2. Philippines, the Motherland

We’ve been planning to go back to the Philippines for some time now. With limited vacation hours and trying to pay off credit cards, I’m really hoping plans go through this year! We haven’t purchased our flight tickets, yet (argh!) but hoping to do so soon! I haven’t been back there since I moved to America in 1997, so I know I am in for a treat!

3. Electric Daisy Carnival – June

This is going to be our last year of going to EDC (at least for Ray and I), so it is bound to be another epic weekend! More of our friends are wanting to go and the more the merrier! I love spreading the joy that EDC brings. I can’t wait for June!

4. Burning Man – August/September

Last year’s Burning Man changed our lives. It was our first year in 2011, and we plan on going back every year after. I keep meeting people who have been going to Burning Man for years during our travels. In 2012, we are taking our couple best friends along for the ride. I am very excited for both of them! This place definitely is our favorite of all time.

Again, I want to say good luck to us on our travel resolution. I challenge you to create your own travel resolution this year. However close or far the distance, take a break from work and reward yourself. It’s not as hard as people make it seem to be. We’re here if you want any travel advice from how to get started or how to save money. If we can do it, so can you!

‘Til next adventure!

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