Back to my favorite resort: Big Bear! What a great first day of the season. I’m proud to say that I did jumps on my very first run of the season and continued to do jumps throughout the rest of the day. I only wished that I did as many jumps as I did boxes. It snowed like crazy that day! I had never seen this much snow EVER! We couldn’t even get a clear group shot because snow covered our faces.

Guess what else? I learned how to put snow chains on tires! Achievement unlocked! I’m very proud!

And Ray just keeps getting better and better with photography. Here comes some epic shots:

Skyrim Snowboarding

A friendly snowball fight before going home.

Not too many photos on the slopes this time. Visibility was very low! Epic resort photos courtesy of Vince. Can’t wait to come back in a couple of weeks! See you later, Bear!

Date: December 17, 2011

Location: Big Bear Lake, California

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