Last Friday night, I had the opportunity to work for La Fiamma Entertainment at a company party.  Thanks to Jenn who messaged me about dressing as a steampunk character for an event. I’ve always admired steampunk costumes, but never got around to making the costume. I usually find the costumes that I want, but this time, the costume found me! I couldn’t back down. What did I get myself into? Back to my happy roots.

I have always believed that if you go all out for what makes you happy, opportunities will come to you. Seems like I found it earlier than I thought I would! I love being surrounded by artists, and Friday night was a blast.

The setting for the company party was unreal. I couldn’t believe this company went insane with the setting design. Set at the Westin Kierland Resort’s ballroom, they turned the ballroom into an event. They had a Mystical Garden area, a lounge room, and a Steampunk dancing/bar area (shown in this panoramic pic).

Every character I worked with fit their part. Renee, owner of La Fiamma Entertainment, placed a fairy (Jenn), a Pan (Nathan), and a vine (Adam) in the garden area. The Pan and vine were on stilts and made the Mystical Garden so realistic. The lounge area had silk dancers, a snake charmer (Sahar), and two dancers. I couldn’t stop looking at the dancers. I went oh-my-gaga over their performance. They were AbFab! Absolutely Fabulous! The Steampunk area was ours. We were the danciest, party people there. There are two bars in this area and to get from one bar to the next…oh wait, there’s a dance floor in the way. Might as well dance in it! The characters matched their scene, and I was already having a blast!

Check out the mystical fairy played by Jenn. She did an amazing job with her costume! She glittered, and now you see her…now you don’t. Just as a fairy would! She painted the blue on herself and Mr. Adam Closer decorated it with gold swirls to complete the fairy look. It took about three hours to do! Mad respect for that.

Ah, check out this nice starry scenery…

Can you find Adam in this picture?

And this scene wouldn’t be complete without Pan, the god of the wild! You’ll see Nathan stretch backstage. I can only imagine what being on stilts feel like.

This talented snake charmer does more than just charm snakes. Sahar messes with broken glass, razors, and swords. What a tough cookie! The cutest thing is, her husband does the same type of acts. An interesting couple indeed! Sigh…I love meeting cool peeps.

The silks and the dancers were not photographed, but they had some badass costumes.

The steampunk characters couldn’t stop partying. I loved that I got this part! All the characters seem to love the parts they got. I got to work with the nicest bunch. All three of them loved the party and loved their costumes. The Brose Brothers have been making costumes for 5 years! No wonder the details on their outfits were insane.

My costume was mostly loaned to me. Although I supplied the boots and added spats to them to make them more steamy. I absolutely love making costumes, and I’m lucky to have met others who love it just as much! I felt at home.

Memorable moment of the night. I was having fun dancing to Highway to Hell. I turned around, and on stage, the man singing behind the mic was the CEO of the company! His voice was legit! I couldn’t get over it for awhile! It made the night even better!

Some backstage footage for you!

Here’s Mr. Vine with his lovely assistant, Samantha. She loves making costumes herself! I looked forward to hanging out with her during my break backstage. She was great company and wishes to go to Burning Man. If only I could grant wishes.

At the end of the night, we all hung out and talked about how much fun the night was. Overall, I think the night went smoothly. Renee and her husband were very good about letting us know when our break times were. They looked super busy, but kept track and took care of us. For performers who work on the floor 45 minutes straight, letting us know when to take a break was all we needed and they did a great job! I walked backstage during break with a big smile on my face, and I hear, “You’re having too much fun out there!” Indeed, I was.

Bad Assery

It was an awesome time and everyone made me feel comfortable. I adored the people I worked with. Every one of them! I have respect for their artistic talent and their enjoyment in playing these characters. I’m so glad I met them. Thanks to Renee for making it all possible and thanks again to Jenn for letting me know about the opportunity.

We all gave each other a warm hug good night, and I drove home feeling like the luckiest girl.

You wouldn’t be enjoying this story without the wonderful photos Mr. Talented Ray took! It makes me wonder how he just knows how a photo should look like, matching the characters and scenery with the right settings. I couldn’t be more proud!

Date: January 6, 2012

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