The Hawaiian adventure doesn’t stop. I am lucky to be able to say that my first time ziplining ever was at the beautiful island of Kauai, nicknamed the Garden Isle for its luscious greens and beautiful flowers. Indeed, this place is the most naturally beautiful place I have ever been to (Switzerland is a close contender), and what better way to experience it than to go ziplining? My favorite childhood playground equipment are the swings and this is a close sister to it. It’s part of the reason why I wanna learn poi. But more on that later. Ziplining is right up my alley of adventurous fun. There’s nothing like being suspended a few hundred feet in the air. As a first timer, I was glad that they work you up from low lines to super insane, can’t-even-see-the-ground-from-up-here lines.

First, we meet the sexiest adventure tour guides (Thank you Hawaii!!). One is clean cut and blonde, the other is tattooed up and brunette. Take your pick! I happily drooled over both of them. What’s more is that they were both funny! And yes. I got to see both of them shirtless. Woot!

Safety First! They helped gear us up for safety before ziplining. Complete with a couple of heavy duty straps and a helmet. The helmet comes in handy when riding the van through some rocky roads. I don’t care where you take me, this is the rockiest road I have ever been driven through. Kept pristine as Hawaii tickles my hippie side of leaving nature the way it is.

Strapped up, Sexy for the Tour Guides

Through our drive, poor afraid-of-heights Rick kept asking, “Am I gonna die?” We couldn’t stop laughing! But it is all safe! The age of the group I went with ranged from elementary grade all the way up to almost retirement. Don’t let the age fool you. The elders were the craziest ones!

Up next, we take an adventure through the jungle to get to our first plunge. Watch out for some mudpies left from the wild cows! This jungle is insane! Like something you would see on TV. I got flashbacks of the Philippines being here.

Before the first jump, my heart beat faster trying to listen to instructions from the tour guides. I was so worried about not jumping correctly that I couldn’t keep up with listening to instructions! Although I’m not afraid of heights and I love swings, I couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that I was not with my main squeeze on this trip! Ray always keeps me feeling comfortable, but anything can happen here! Scatterbrained, I just went for it.

Listening to Instructions
Going for It!

And it was thrilling! I couldn’t stop smiling! Good thing we got to do this first jump twice to get a better feel of ziplining for the first timers. They really take care of you here. My nerves calmed, and I was nothing but excited after that!

The second line was a zippel. A zipline-repel combo. I didn’t take any pictures since this was just used as a way to get from the first zip to the next zip and was nothing too exciting except for the view. Let’s pause for some beautiful views of this location. Keep in mind: everything looks a hundred times better in person than on camera.

The second line was a partner line where we got to ride side by side. This one was also done twice, and they gave us an opportunity to ride upside down! You start up and flip yourself over upside down. Of course, I had to go for it!

Partner Zip
My Perfect Upside Down Form =)

We had to walk from the other side back up to where we started to do this twice. Again, some crazy beautiful views! This was worth all the money. Just like everything in Kauai, I wanted to take a picture with every step I took. This place is just awesomely photogenic!

Swinging Bridge

We drove through those crazy rocky roads after this zip to get to the next one. We took a healthy lunch break, provided by the Outfitters Zipline Company, before taking on the next line. This place will not stop being photogenic. The weather was beautiful as it was every day. Coupled with big clouds, this moment was when I thought of having my honeymoon here. Adventurous, beautiful, and peaceful all at the same time.

Good thing we took a lunch break. The next zipline was a lot longer and taller than the first two. We even had to climb up a ladder just to get hooked up to it. If you don’t think you weigh enough, you have to curl up in a ball to make sure you make it all the way down! Of course, little me had to do it. With a line as long as this one, we had enough time to take a breath while going down to see the view.

Waiting for our turn
Curled up and Ready

It’s hard to see how far down the zipline goes. To give you an idea, check out Diane’s jump. I took this picture at the other end of the line. You can barely see her at the bottom!

The final jump is our highest and longest line. It was nothing but fun at this point since the first few were enough to get us amped for this last one even though you can’t see the ground from this high up! Just trees and mountains.

Where's the ground?

It’s also a partner one, and we were free to jump however we wanted. Backwards, forwards, upside down, in a ball. Whatever! Don’t let the wooden platform fool you. The line goes past it and so do you! I wanted to jump more, but this was our last one! Better make it worth it. So upside down I went.

Me Upside Down Once Again!

But my favorite part was being able to see the crazy view. It was beautiful all the way around. I wanted to stay up there for a long time. I braved it, and took my camera out. This had to be kept in my memory.

"Look at this view!"

Last but not least (and you thought it was over!), we got the opportunity to go swimming! What’s best is that there is a short little zipline to this twenty feet natural pool. Unfortunately for me, I can’t swim. So I didn’t brave this one. I sat in envy and watched everyone else do it. Boohoo…

What an entirely great experience! Not only did we get to zipline, we got free lunch, beautiful views, natural swimming pool, and two dreamy adventure tour guides. Plus, this Habitat for Humanity group was more fun than I could ever ask for! They were indeed some of the best people to go ziplining with. I feel truly blessed having this amazing experience in Hawaii.

Have you ever gone ziplining? Where and how was your experience? If you haven’t, where would you want your ziplining cherry be popped?

Date: October 2, 2011

Location: Kauai Island, Hawaii

Life Experience: Ziplining with Outfitters Kauai


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